Natural defence with
competitive exclusion

A normal gut microbiota protects the intestine against undesirable bacteria, and supports the overall health and well-being of the host.

The natural avian gut microbiota in Broilact® colonizes the intestinal epithelium defending the bird’s health. The natural gut microbiota forms a complex ecosystem, which creates an inhospitable environment for undesirable bacteria, inhibiting their ability to attach and multiply. This defence mechanism is known as competitive exclusion*.

Because Broilact® provides a complex intestinal microbiota, rather than just a few bacterial strains as in probiotics, it is able to colonize the intestine - providing the bird with the natural resistance lacking in modern poultry production.

Broilact is a refined mixture of gut bacteria, obtained from a healthy, adult hen.

*Also referred to as the “Nurmi concept”. In the 1970s, Professor Esko Nurmi showed that Salmonella colonization of newly hatched chicks can be prevented by oral administration of the gut flora from an adult bird1