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Broilact® is a refined mixture of bacteria derived from the gut flora of a single, healthy, adult hen that was tested to be free from pathogens.

Broilact® is used for the rapid establishment and development of a normal adult microflora in the intestine of: chickens, turkeys, geese, pheasants, quails and partridges.

Broilact® was derived from the caeca of one donor bird in 1987 using a special patented technique developed by Orion Pharma. This material has been successfully applied to billions of birds. This is a key factor that guarantees composition and quality of the product.

Quality is assured by a set of in vitro and in vivo tests, that each batch must pass before release. This includes a stringent Salmonella challenge assay used to ensure that the product has the ability to rapidly establish an adult microflora.

Over the years Broilact® has been part of many studies published in peer reviewed journals. As a commercially available competitive exclusion product, Broilact® has helped scientists to understand the role the adult microflora plays in the poultry gut health.

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